Felt Eggs, Fabric and More Thrifting

I made some felt eggs last night for our daughter.  It is my first go round with felt food making.  I couldn’t get it to go through my sewing machine, so hand-stitching it was.  It is a pain, but a little therapeutic as well.  Do you enjoy hand-stitching? 

Here is how I did it.  I took a piece of white felt and folded it in half and cut out a large circle.  Then, I took a piece of yellowish orange felt and cut a smaller circle for the yolk.  Next, I hand-stitched the yolk with yellow thread.  After that, I hand-stitched the two whites together with white thread.  It took awhile for each egg, but they turned out very good for my first felt food.  I made three and I varied the sizes a little to make them appear more real.  I gave them to our daughter this morning while daddy was cooking us eggs.  I thought she’d like to cook her eggs on her stove, but she wasn’t that interested in them.  I’m sure in a month of two she will show more interest in them. 

I plan on making some more skirts or trying my hand at sewing something else, but I’m not sure quite what.  Any ideas or patterns that a beginner sewer should try?  I’d love some ideas!!!  I found this piece of remnant fabric for $2.00 at JoAnn Fabric the other day.  It is a yard, so I should be able to make something cute out of it for my daughter.  I thought this brown polka dot ribbon was cute too.  It is just like the blue ribbon I used for a few of the skirts.  Something about polka dots.  I’m thinking curtains would be cute, but we already have some cute/expensive curtains for our daughter’s room.  Maybe a wall-hanging of some sort???  She really like The Very Hungry Caterpillar book…especially the butterfly at the end of the story.  Anyone have any ideas that I could make with the fabric with that in mind?

We did more thrifting today.  Daddy came along too.  I think it may have been his first time in a thrift store!  🙂  At the first store, we found two Hamm’s beer glasses for $.50 each and a pair of lined Baby Gap jeans for $3.36.  Not bad!  On the way out, my husband was excited and said, “Wow, we really scored in there!”  I was so happy, because I thought he would be like, ‘This is a waste of time and money and is crowded, etc,’ but he wasn’t at all.  Awesome!!!  My new hobby is fun for him too!!! 

We went to another thrift shop on the way home and found this Melissa & Doug puzzle for $3.50.  It appears to be brand new!  Score!!!  Of course, I came home and instantly wiped it down with vinegar to rid it of any germs.  I even played with it a little bit.  It has six different outfits and six different pairs of shoes.  You can dress the little girl however you want.  I saw this puzzle on previous visits to the store, but didn’t know if I should get it or not.  For $3.50 though, you can’t really go wrong.  I put it in the closet for Christmas.  We also bought a pair of Oshkosh gloves for $1.00.  You can never have to many gloves in the Midwest in the winter time.  What if you were to loose a pair, or you wanted to go outside and your gloves were still wet!?!?  Logic I tell you!!

We stopped and picked up our pumpkins on the way home at a local stand.  I’ll post pictures after we crave them.  We got three pumpkins, three small goards and six little white pumpkins for $5.00.  Can’t beat that!!!  What a day of deals!

Well, I should go get some vacuuming done…

Hope your weekend is going as well as ours!  Oh, and I’m making Garden Cheddar Soup later.  If it is yummy, I’ll post the recipe.  Take care!


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