It Must Be Fall

Leaves are falling.  It is raining.  It is cold.  It is windy.  I feel like making hot chocolate.  I feel like eating comfort food.  We have made pumpkin art.  I ate a carmel apple Monday.  It must be Fall. 

Here is a snapshot of what we made today.


This is our version of a pumpkin patch.  She had a lot of fun painting until she licked her hand with orange paint on it.  I immediately rushed her to the skin and scrubbed her off so that I could call the doctor to make sure she wouldn’t be poisoned.  They called me back and had me call poison control.  Scary.  The poison control operator assured me she would be fine.  It might come out in her stool or she might get sick to her tummy.  Well, she was fine!  After I got off the phone and gathered myself, we painted the stems with the green.  She did a good job.  I like watching her paint and can’t wait until she doesn’t stick her hand in her mouth.




Below are some trees out our deck window.  Very pretty!   



Aren’t they beautiful!!!  The tree in our backyard is just starting to turn.  Our daughter loves running through the leaves that blow over from our neighbors yards!


When I get time, I plan to make three more skirts.  I am going to use this fabric and the ribbon I posted the other day.  I can’t wait to buy more fabric.  My birthday is coming up, so maybe I’ll get some cute fabric for my birthday.  I could only wish for a sewing machine.

Hope you all are having a great day!  It is a two nap day in our household today…Yeah!!!

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