I Can Sew

I can sew!  I can sew! 

I was just cruising all of my favorite blogs when I came across these “before dinner skirts” on Soule Mama’s blog.  I’m not quite sure how to link it back to her as I’m pretty new at this blogging thing myself.  Her blog address is:  www.soulemama.com. She posted them on September 24, 2008.  I’d just put the link here, but then it goes under the picture and I can’t quite figure how to make it work.

Anyway, Soule Mama is great and I think you should check out her blog.  I really liked how her daughter kept convincing her to make her more skirts.  Very cute! 

I am grateful that she linked to the pattern she used too.  She used the Lazy Days Skirt pattern from www.oliverands.com.  Being a very, very new sewer, I had to read the pattern a few times to figure out what I had to do.  Some of the pattern lingo threw me, but in the end I figured it out.  It is a very easy pattern to follow and the second skirt I didn’t even need to consult the pattern.  I did make them within a matter of a few hours of each other, but nonethelesss, I made it without a second consult.  I’m very proud!  Am I gloating yet!?!?

The two skirts on the right are the first skirts I’ve ever made. 

Let's hope this fits!!!


They turned out pretty good.  My husband critiqued the first one and I took his comments and ran with them.  He had some pretty good points.  Not that the first one was not super by any means, but there were some minor adjustments that were made to the second one.  Like, it hopefully fitting our daughter.  The first one is way too small.  She could barely move.  Her poor little legs were like an elderly lady in a mini skirt.  The waist needed slight adjusts too.  The seam on the back of the skirt is lined up with the seam of the ribbon on the second skirt as well.  All this took more time, but it does look a lot better close up then the first one. 

Yes, I used the same fabric, but I’m a beginner sewer so my fabric stash is still in the makings.  I’m looking forward to buying some more fabric.  Where do you find your fabric?  I’ve seen a lot of cute fabric on my favorite blogs, but have yet to find something I just have to have in the stores yet.  I guess I’ll know it when I see it.

Well, little one is waking, so I’m going to go try the skirt on her.  Hopefully it fits!!


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One Response to “I Can Sew”

  1. woody Says:

    Gorgeous – I too have made that skirt and it is a great piece of clothing to start with. I hope the skirt fits – it is very cute.
    I buy my fabric from the US, if you have a look at my site you will see a list of fabric stores in the side column.

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