What We’ve Been Up To…

Let’s start withbeans.  I bought beans for these preschool bags I was helping put together for the playgroup we belong to.  I bought too many beans.  What to do withall the beans?  Well, we made bean soup, which wasn’t that good.  I made a black bean soup which was excellent and I took it to my sister who recently underwent surgery on her hand.  She is probably itching to cook poor thing.  She loves to bake and cook…very yummy!  Anyway, I soaked too many beans.  Just being an amateur with this bean soaking thing, I soaked too many and had way too many left over.  Since our mixed bean soup wasn’t that pleasant, we decided  to let our daughter play with them instead of just tossing them.  I hate being wasteful, but at least we got some use out of them and they didn’t just go into the garbage.  Here are two pictures of our floor halfway through the bean extravaganza.

Our bean filled floor

Our bean filled floor

Another shot of the bean filled floor…

What a mess!!!!

What a mess!!!!

We devised yet another use for beans…

Handmade bean bags
Homemade bean bags. 
I just lost a huge post and am very frustrated, so more later.

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