Try Again

So, I tried to post this earlier, but things got all mixed up.  I’m going to try again here.

Yummy Sugar Cookies!!!

Yummy Sugar Cookies!!!

These are the sugar cookies I made with my daughter the other night.  It is my first time ever making sugar cookies.  My daughter helped throw in the butter.  She thought that was great fun.  She liked the finished product too.  She likes to make the bunnies ‘hop’ while she is eating them.  She thought the dogs, horses and flowers were pretty awesome too.  She is easy to please!!

We chose not to frost them.  I had no recipe for frosting, and who needs the extra sugar anyway.  Frosting would have made them super yummy though.  Hopefully we can eat them all up before they get stale.  Wish us luck!

I have been learning to sew lately.  So far, it is going well.  I needed some extra supplies though.  We made a trip to Hobby Lobby today.  I am really loving that store lately.  I bought two different widths of elastic because I wasn’t sure which one to get.  I figure I can always use it too.  I went in thinking I’d only buy one thing of ribbon, but as you can see I bought three.  They are so pretty and I couldn’t choose.  I also bought stick pins to hold the fabric in place.  I actually had some other shoppers help me decide which ones to get.  Who would have thought there would be so many options for stick pins?  Anyway, I have already made a skirt with the elastic and the blue ribbon with brown dots.  It is cute and I’m going to go try it on my daughter now.


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