I’m learning to sew!!!  I’m very EXCITED!!!!!  My friend Carlie is letting me borrow her sewing machine.  Do I have generous friends or what!?!?  My first question to her was, “Can I break it?”  She assured me that I probably couldn’t.  She gave me a quick tutorial and I took some notes.  This morning I woke up and sewed a little.  Nothing really, just practiced and I must say the square I sewed has pretty straight lines.  I turned the corners well too!  I might just have a knack for this!  My husband asked me on his way out the door this morning if this means I am now going to want a sewing machine.  I replied with an I don’t know, but I think I do want one of my very own.

Here is the first thing that I am going to try to make for my daughter.

I got the idea from Soule Mama (  She makes it look so easy.  I am still trying to figure out steps 2-4 in the ribbon hem, but I guess when I have all the materials in front of me it will make more sense.

I’m excited because I feel like I finally have a few hobbies.  I really enjoy blogging, crafting and hopefully sewing.  This should keep me busy during the long winter months to come.

I bought a cute little red apron at Hobby Lobby on Monday for my daughter.  It was 50% off, so I only paid $1.50 for it!  I bought some little heart buttons to sew on.  I sewed them on this morning and it looks really cute for only a few dollars.  I was going to buy her one online that I saw, but it costs $20, plus shipping.  This will mean more to me and hopefully to her because I put some thought and effort into it and not just clicking online.  It thrills my husband too…less money spent equals a happy daddy. 

Well, better get some more done before sleeping beauty wakes.  Have a great day!


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