Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Did I say clothes?

Okay, so the seasons are changing here rather rapidly and I find myself cleaning out our closets.  Where to go with all the clothes of the season?  Well, what I haven’t woren this season I have stashed in a rubbermaid container for a Summer of 2009 garage sale.  The stuff I have woren, I haven’t figured out where that is going to go.  I need to pare down though.  I don’t need all this stuff.  It gives me great pleasure to open up my closet and see only a few things.   For some this might cause an instant panic attack, but for me, it is the opposite.  Clutter equals panic to me.

So for my daughter’s closet, it is pulling out the summer clothes and also what she has outgrown.  I have been giving away what our next child won’t wear, but now I will add these to the Summer of 2009 garage sale bins as well.  In a separate one from mine of course, so it is organized when I go to mark it next Spring.  I organize the clothes we are keeping by size.  Like 6-9 months, 9 months, 12 months, 12-18 months and so on.  It is a process, but will pay off when I need to quickly find clothes to clothe our next little bundle of joy.  God willing of course.


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