The Four T’s

This pretty much sums up our day…the Four T’s.  Have you encountered the Four T’s lately? 

Tired:  She is overtired and not really into napping now.  She wakes up crabby from her naps.  She’s ready to get up, but she isn’t.  She’ll wail until you get her though.  She wants to run and play, but is so tired she just breaks down…meltdown city.

Teething:  She is working on 4 teeth right now.  The cuspids.  The left lower one broke through the other day.  She wants to chew on everything.  She even bit my leg really good during one of her temper tantrums.  Nice.  I have the wound as proof.

Toddler:  Happy one minute, screaming, inconsolable the next.  Giggling, then instantly pissed.  It is like living with someone with bi-polar disorder.

Tears:  Me or her?  Depends on the moment.  I actually haven’t broken into tears today, but it has been close.

She didn’t want to nurse tonight and I’m bummed.  It is the first time she wanted daddy to put her to bed.  I’m so bummed!


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