Park Gone Wrong

Is it too much to ask to be able to enjoy a nice night at the park with your family?  The second we pulled up this kid engages us in conversation.  He tries to climb up the slide as we are trying to go down.  You know the drill.  About 7 minutes later my husband has had enough and we leave.  We go to another park.  It looks like the coast is clear.  As soon as the doors shut, here comes another random child, unsupervised and way too young to be alone in the park.  He is even more annoying than the last.  He is really in my child’s face and my poor husband is about to lose his cool after the 5th “Why?” that comes out of this kids mouth.  We leave after about 4 minutes.  We tried, but after a long day, you just want to have fun.  You don’t want to entertain someone else’s kid.

We seriously need to either go during the day when there are other young, supervised kids there, or we need to get a swingset in our backyard.


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